Online submissions can be made through a YOUTUBE or a VIMEO link.
OR Upload the film in QUICKTIME (.mov) or MP4 format to a file sharing service
(WeTransfer / DropBox / Google Drive link).

*Online submissions should not exceed the limit of 2 GB (per submission).

The film may be sent or handed over in :
QUICKTIME (.mov) or .MP4 format on a data DVD, portable hard disk or USB thumb drive
OR a BluRay Disc.

to the address below :
Submissions – Colombo International Student Film Festival 2017
Sri Lanka Foundation Digital Film Academy,
100, Sri Lanka Foundation Avenue,
Independence Square,
Colombo 00700,
Sri Lanka

Films must be the original version and the film must contain the original text translation with English subtitles.

It is also recommended to subtmit a 30 Second trailer along with the film.
(This is for promotional purposes of your film, if it is selected for the final round)


Entries can be shot in the formats given below [Color / B&W] :

Broadcast quality SD camera format is adequate although it is encouraged to submit the films in higher resolutions.